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My name is Becca and I'm a game art student.
I like to design characters and creatures.
This blog is where I collect both casual and professional pieces.
Do you think you could link to your line-art tutorial?
by Anonymous

Of course, anon!

Here it is.

July 22, 2014

So, I logged onto deviantart for the first time in ages, and I had a crazy amount of notifications. I check tumblr and, lo-and-behold, it seems my lineart tutorial went around a bit!

So, greetings all ye new followers! Thank you for showing so much support. I’m really glad you all liked it!

My apologies for the currently barren blog; I work on my feet for a hefty sum of my week, so I haven’t had the energy lately for any extensive projects. I aim to change that now, since my hours are getting bumped down a tad as well as for all of you! I’ll be damned if I don’t have some really inspirational people following me, so what better motivation than to keep y’alls eyeballs fixated c:

Once again, thank you, everyone, and welcome to my blog!!

June 28, 2014

Welp, guess I should post the full and finished version, finally. 

I’ve been in a massive art slump for… quite a long time, so in lieu of anything new that I’m satisfied with (at all) you guys get this! It is several months too late, but this is a very belated design trade with @Whip-o-will who in turn gave me this fabulous chap. She wanted something cute, amphibious, and something that could potentially use what it swam with to fly.

His head an general chunkiness was inspired by a mix of a blood python and fat crocodilians. He sports an extra set of forelimbs whose lightweight digits allow him to navigate tempestuous currents or winds in the same manner as a hawk or a sting ray.

I left his markings fairly simple so that anything could be changed to taste. I only wish I had the unique and striking creativity Whip has in her designs, really though wow, so I took another crack at the same concept in the form of a sketch:


(also here) Which I also humbly offer up in exchange for the terrible lateness ;w; I figured better late than never, but you have been so kind and patient with how terribleawfulgarbage my lack of motivation to do art is lately. I really hope it will suffice, despite the circumstances. It’s long overdue and belated, but thank you, Whip. 

May 03, 2014

I said I’d show her all the things…we could…we could…and all along the whole time, I didn’t know anythingBut she’d, she’d…just smile.

December 08, 2013

PokeddeXY Day 1 - Favorite Bug Pokemon


December 02, 2013

Whoops I Agnaktor’d

December 01, 2013

Some rough character sheets for a project I have in Visual Development!

I’m iterating on the classic German fairy tale, Dragon Castle. For those not familiar, it’s essentially the story Sleeping Beauty is based on, but instead of the princess being put to sleep by the evil queen’s spell, she turns into a dragon instead! 

I’ve set my iteration of the story in Ottoman Anatolia, primarily Turkey, at the Ottoman empire’s height of expansion in the 17th century.

October 24, 2013
plumweed replied to your photo: “Preview of an idea that I actually scrapped in favor of something…”:
Love this design! The drawing of the creature is beautiful. I love how sensitively you delineate form with line. Really wonderful draftsmanship!

Ohhh, wow, you’re really too nice!! Thank you so very much, and I’m glad you like him! I’m actually re-approaching his design because I’m fairly confident I’ve come up with a better way to convey his character. The sad part is I adore the way the lines came out, even if this isn’t the final product; I’m just so happy it shows! Linework is definitely where my heart lies, and it makes me overjoyed to know that all the information is coming across clearly and that people enjoy what I do ;w; It means a lot to me! Ahhh, thank you so much!!

October 10, 2013

Preview of an idea I might post that once I get the whole project finished!

October 10, 2013

I like to think Petra always made the best tea and coffee. Hanji misses her a lot, especially after catching the scent of warm tea during those late nights awake studying.

September 30, 2013